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Mug O'Posies, April 29,2024

A great day in Ingersoll painting Mug O'Posies!  

Sunset at the Lake, April 20, 2024

And that’s a wrap at Waterford Museum! So much fun and such beautiful paintings. Thank you everyone!

Misty Mountain Morning,  April 18, 2024

Fantastic evening spent in Niagara Falls with these great folks  painting ‘Misty Mountain Morning’. Thank you everyone, you did great!

Aurora Borealis, April 6, 2024

Such a great day painting ‘Aurora Borealis’ in Jordan! Didn’t they do a great job? I’m so proud of them!!

Rugged Vista, March 25, 2024

We had a great afternoon painting ‘Rugged Vista’ in Ingersoll! Great job everyone! I’m very proud of you!

Rugged Vista March 25 2024.jpg

Great Expectations, March 2, 2024

We successfully fulfilled our ‘Great Expectations’ in Jordan today! A chill afternoon with a great group of people. It doesn’t get any better!

Mountain in an Oval, February 17 2024

We had a fun and challenging class in Jordan today. Congratulations on doing a great job everyone! It was great to spend the afternoon with you!

Milky Way, January 20 2024

A super fun afternoon with this great group! We laughed, chatted, made new friends and painted ‘Milky Way’!

Rugged Vista, November 11 2023

We had a great time painting ‘Rugged Vista’ in Jordan today. It was a challenging project, but we did it! Congratulations everyone, you did a fantastic job!

At Dawn's Light, November 6 2023

Another great class in Ingersoll painting ‘At Dawn’s Light’. Wonderful work everyone. Thank you for coming and I’m looking forward to next time!

At Dawn's Light, October 21 2023

A fantastic night painting ‘At Dawn’s Light’ in Niagara Falls! Look at those beautiful paintings!

Twin Falls, October 21 2023

A great turnout for our return to Jordan! Thank you for coming everyone! You did an amazing job and made our class so much fun!

At Dawn's Light, September 24, 2023

A great day for the last BackY’Art of the season!! Thank you everyone!!

Twin Falls September 22, 2023

A special edition of Back'Art today! A delightful time visiting 'Twin Falls'!

Breezy Beach August 31, 2023

A full house in Niagara Falls to paint 'Breezy Beach'!

So much fun!

Thank you everyone!

Thistles & Bees August 21, 2023

It's 'Thistles & Bees' season in Ingersoll!  We all had fun creating beautiful paintings!

Relaxing Landscape August 20, 2023

It was a great day to paint 'Relaxing Landscape' and everyone did a great job!  Thank you for coming!

Soulful Serenade July 16, 2023

Another great BackY’Art! Despite the weather forecast, it turned out to be a great day to paint ‘Soulful Serenade’.

Soulful Serenade July 16 2023.jpg

Wilderness Falls July 9, 2023

BackY’Art is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon - especially in someone else’s yard! Thank you for the hospitality Laura Murray, we had a great time! So proud of these ladies!

Wilderness Falls Laura Murray July 9 202
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