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At Dawn's Light September 24, 2023

A great day for our last BackY'Art of the season!  Thank you everyone!

Twin Falls September 22, 2023

A special edition of Back'Art today! A delightful time visiting 'Twin Falls'!

Breezy Beach August 31, 2023

A full house in Niagara Falls to paint 'Breezy Beach'!

So much fun!

Thank you everyone!

Thistles & Bees August 21, 2023

It's 'Thistles & Bees' season in Ingersoll!  We all had fun creating beautiful paintings!

Relaxing Landscape August 20, 2023

It was a great day to paint 'Relaxing Landscape' and everyone did a great job!  Thank you for coming!

Soulful Serenade July 16, 2023

Another great BackY’Art! Despite the weather forecast, it turned out to be a great day to paint ‘Soulful Serenade’.

Soulful Serenade July 16 2023.jpg

Wilderness Falls July 9, 2023

BackY’Art is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon - especially in someone else’s yard! Thank you for the hospitality Laura Murray, we had a great time! So proud of these ladies!

Wilderness Falls Laura Murray July 9 202
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